You, Me, and Cold Pressed Oil: The Truth.

Aug 11, 2021

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Timely focus on good health has ensured we ditch oils that are laden with chemicals and unsafe preservatives. More and more people are realizing the importance of healthy eating habits. Surprisingly, the spotlight is never tilted towards oil that we use for day-to-day cooking. You would ask why? Well, lack of awareness is the culprit. Refined oil goes through a filtration process which involves chemical and heat. As a result, it has a better shelf life, but sadly has lost all its positive nutrients.  That is when Cold Pressed Oil comes to the rescue. Most people get confused between Refined Oil and Cold Pressed Oil. There are stark differences between the two – right from how they are manufactured to how they affect our well-being.

Cracking the Cold Pressed Oil Code:

Chekku”, “Kolhu” or “Ghani” are some common regional terminologies for machines which are used to make cold pressed oil in India. So, everyone knows the process of pressing fruits to extract juices? Except here, oil seeds are pressed to get natural oil that is a perfect companion for an improved health regime. The most sought after cold pressed oil comes from coconuts, peanuts, and sesame seeds. With no heat applied during the extraction process, cold pressed oil is completely natural and devoid of any chemicals.

Using cold pressed oil is not only a viable option to keep yourself in good shape, but it also adds rich flavour to your food. These oils are also known to be rich in Vitamin E, which has amazing healing properties. Better still they can vastly improve your immune system. With so many advantages, the switch over from refined oils is imperative, isn’t it?

Fascinating Benefits of Cold Pressed Oil:

The usage of cold pressed oil is the new rage in town. Traditional yet healthier choices are making these oils extremely popular even amongst the younger people. More awareness about how this oil is extracted and common problems like obesity which results post regular usage of refined oil, are key factors for the much-needed change over.

A plethora of choices remain out there from gingerly, rice bran or even olive oil. To make an informed decision consider your current lifestyle and your cooking preferences. Let us list out pointers that can make your decision more effective.

  • Cold pressed oil means – No added preservatives and chemicals.
  • Free of pesticides. Which makes it desirable.
  • Added benefits of Vitamin E and micronutrients that are vital for our overall well-being.
  • It is completely free of Trans fat.
  • Retains antioxidants.
  • More flavourful and needed in lesser quantity.

After all the talk, it is time to reap the benefits of cold pressed oil in your daily use. Masterful flavours and natural taste, yes, attractive enough to dig in.

Shatayu oils offers a wide range of these naturally extracted oils that can enhance the healthy way of living. It is our endeavour to care for you.

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