Wood Pressed Oils & The Hype, worth it?

Aug 11, 2021

About Shatayu Oils

The oils that are utilized for ordinary cooking are removed from seeds, organic products, vegetables, and nuts. There are a few different ways to remove oil from plants and trees.

The way any oil is removed influences the flavour of the oil in your food and the measure of supplements that the oil has in it. Cold squeezed oils hold all their flavour, fragrance, and dietary benefit, making these oils incredible for cooking and skin health management prerequisites. The virus squeezed extraction measure needn’t bother with an outer substance similarly as with different strategies. The seeds are squashed and squeezed to remove the oil in the most regular manner.

Cooking is the essential use for cold-squeezed oils. Sesame Chekku, Peanut Chekku and Coconut Chekku oil are a portion of the assortments of cold squeezed oils presently utilized for cooking, salad dressings and preparing also. ‘Chekku’ signifies wood press or cold press in ‘Tamil’. Cold press or Chekku has been utilized as one of the antiquated strategy for separating oils for quite a long time.

Cold squeezed oils are normally cholesterol free and have zero trans unsaturated fats. Cold squeezed oils have high nutritive substance than the oils that are removed from the regular warmth extraction technique. The significant supplements separated from vegetable and seed oils are typically – zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium. These are available in higher rate in chilly squeezed oils. The in general dietary benefit is better because of high cell reinforcement content present in it which, despite what might be expected, is low in traditional oils. They are additionally rich wellsprings of oleic corrosive that assist with boosting your safe framework and generally soundness of your body.

As well as cooking, when cold squeezed oils are utilized for skincare, either straightforwardly or as a fixing in skincare items, the outcomes are extremely encouraging.

At Shatayu oils, we have a wide scope of cold squeezed oils that have been made with the equivalent ‘wooden press’ strategy for extricating oil as utilized for ages back in India. This incorporates Sesame Chekku Oil, Peanut Chekku Oil and Coconut Chekku Oil.

Kindly visit our online store and look at the scope of cold press oils.

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