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Groundnut oil is a great alternative to regular refined oil. Wood-pressing method ensures that all the nutrients and rich taste of groundnut is retained in your food, while also minimizing wastage as well.

Due to its high smoking point, it is ideal for deep frying. Use this flavourful oil for those crisp fried treats like samosas, kachoris and pooris. Groundnut oil is your perfect companion for tasty Indian dishes. Make your dishes more aromatic and endearing.  

The Goodness of Mustard.

The best mustard seeds are used to extract this natural treat. This oil with its multiple benefits is not just natural but also effective and full of nutrition.  

Order today to experience the extensive health advantages mustard brings to you.


We have a wide range of wood pressed oils. Make a much needed healthy change to your lifestyle. 

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Happy Customers

The oil has lot of benefits. Wood-pressed oils are definitely healthier than refined oils. I am very happy with Shatayu for providing us with quality oil and will continue buying from them.

Shweta Patil

Excellent quality, excellent packing. Jalna to Pune, not a single drop spillage. Taste of pure kardai. Superb Service. Delivered in time even in these lock down times.

Soumitra Ghotikar

The products are very good. And they can be used by one and all. The groundnut oil which I am using is a fantastic product. It is naturally processed.

Sanjay Kulkarni